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David R Deitrick

A Swiss Army knife is probably the best analogy for what David does. He has been lucky enough to work (and teach) in just about every aspect and medium in the art field. He's drawn, painted, and sculpted to create illustration, design (of several flavors) and fine art.

David was born a service brat in Oakland, California . For the next eleven years his family moved up and down the West Coast, finally ending up on the Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska. Living in rural Alaska meant his role models were veterans from the big dubbya-dubbya two working in manly-man occupations. He anticipated following the same sort of career path, and as a young man he did so, working in construction, oil production and serving as an officer in the Army for four years. Despite that background (or maybe because of it) David managed to end up in the creative industry doing work that he loves. No matter how tough life gets, whether it be failing health or bleak business prospects, he is thankful that he can make a living doing something that does not require him to sit in the mud, get shot at or work barehanded with pipe fittings in sub-zero weather.

When pressed for influences and inspiration, he says that his wife Lori and his three children (Conrad, Sean and Meghan) have been the most important. In addition, the following individuals have had the most impact in his creative life:
Gianlorenzo Bernini
Richard Bird
Jacques Louis David
Roger Dean
Walt Disney
Tom Kidd
David Mattingly
Paul Manship
Angus McBride
Real Musgrave
Hayao Miyasaki
Bob Peake
Jim Steranko
Joe Walsh
William Whitaker
Gerry Anderson
Roger Dean
Albrecht Durer
Frank Gallo
J.C. Leyendecker
Alphone Mucha
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