Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Dedd and Gohn
By Tom Barker (artist)
and Edmund R. Schubert (writer)

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About Dedd and Gohn

Dedd and Gohn is a weekly comic strip following the adventures, misadventures, and self-inflicted mayhem of Mike Dedd and Julia Gohn, a pair of paranormal investigators who are in their late twenties. Mike and Julia have been ghost hunting for several years. They met in college, are in love, and plan to be married someday.

Mike is business-minded, always looking for the angle that will lead to the perfect get-rich quick scheme. He's also more than willing to eat anything that might even remotely be considered food.

Julia is analytical, always pushing the boundaries with her myriad of inventions, not one of which has ever worked as planned. She loves to go shopping and is equally at home at the mall looking at shoes or in a hardware store looking at power tools.

In addition to Mike and Julia, the cast of Dedd and Gohn include:

- Mike's mother and father, with whom Mike still lives (much to Julia's chagrin). Mike's dad is a used car salesman, and his mom, a doting part-time substitute school teacher.

- Margarine (also known as "Margie"), an older African-American woman who is Mike and Julia's volunteer office manager. She is blind, but possesses a true sixth sense for the supernatural.

- a rotating crew of the weirdest techies and interns you've ever met.

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