Letter From The Editor - Issue 49 - January 2016

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Writing Fantasy

At The Picture Show
    Movie Reviews by Chris Bellamy

    Science Fact-ion by Randall Hayes

    Writing Advice by Mette Ivie Harrison

Another Dimension
    Book Reviews by Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

The Story Behind the Stories
    IGMS Authors Share How Their Stories Came to Be

Lady Lauren's Panacea
    Book Reviews by Lauren Harris

Archived Columns
The Science of Wonder
by Jamie Todd Rubin
Cosmic Channel Changer
by Spencer Ellsworth
Miracle Pictographs
by Spencer Ellsworth
New England Gamer
by Stewart Shearer
Lit Geek
by James Maxey
Dedd and Gohn
A comic by Tom Barker (artist) and Edmund R. Schubert (writer)
Digits & Dragons
by Greg Allen
Book Hungry
by Jeremy Jose Orbe-Smith
Camera Obscura
by John Joseph Adams
Practical Magic
by Sara Ellis
Wizard Oil
by Carol Pinchefsky
Far East Alchemy
by Jenny Rae Rappaport

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