Letter From The Editor - Issue 62 - April 2018

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Writing Fantasy

With many thanks to all the IGMS readers who took the time to vote on their favorite stories and their favorite artwork, I am happy to announce the results of the 2012 Intergalactic Award Reader's Poll, which celebrates the readers' favorites from 2011. All of the winners will receive additional cash prizes for their contributions.

Interestingly, all three winning stories were novelettes (defined by the Nebula Awards Committee as being over 7,500 words, but under 17,500.

For stories, the 1st place winner is Wayne Wightman, for his tale "Brutal Interlude" in issue #21.

There is a tie for 2nd place, going to Scott Roberts for "The Discriminating Monster's Guide To the Perils of Princess Snatching" in issue #23, and to Jared Oliver Adams "Whiteface," which was serialized over issues #24 and 25.

For artwork, the 1st place winner for Cover Art is Nick Greenwood's illustration for the cover of issue #21, featuring the story "Brutal Interlude."

The 1st place winner for Black & White interior illustrations is Jin Han's illustration for the story "We Who Steal Faces" in issue #22.

2nd place for B&W interior goes to Eugene Carter for his illustration for the story "Second Chances Made of Glass and Wood" in issue #24.

3rd Place for B&W interior goes to Nick Greenwood for his illustration for the story "The Long Way Home" in issue #22.

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks again to all our readers.

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