Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Issue 39
Foreign Bodies
by Melinda Brasher
Salt and Sand
by Kate O'Connor
Memory of Magic
by Jacob A. Boyd
Rapture Nation
by Jennifer Noelle Welch
The Other Bank of the River
by Camila Fernandes
IGMS Audio
InterGalactic Medicine Show Interviews
At the Picture Show: Extended Cut
All's fair in adaptation
by Chris Bellamy
Vintage Fiction
A Passage in Earth
by Damien Broderick

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Interviews With The Fantastic
InterGalactic Interview With Damien Broderick
    by Darrell Schweitzer

Damien Broderick was born in Melbourne in 1944. His early novels The Dreaming Dragons (1980) and The Judas Mandala (1982) established him as one of the leading talents in Australian science fiction. Some of his other novels include The Black Grail, Quipu, The White Abacus, Transcension, the diptych Godplayers and K-Machines, I'm Dying Here and Human's Burden (both with Rory Barnes), Post Mortal Syndrome (with Barbara Lamar) and Beyond the Doors of Death (with Robert Silverberg).

He's done two volumes of radio dramas plus one movie script, Restore Point and Gaia to Galaxy.

His popular science book The Spike (1997) is one of the first works to address the now very popular subject of the coming technological Singularity. He edited Year Million, a best-selling study of humanity's far future prospects.

His awards include five Ditmar Awards and four Aurealis Awards. He was a runner up for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award and tied for second place for the Theodore Sturgeon Award.

His critical writings about science fiction and other topics include x, y, z, t: Dimensions of Science Fiction (2004), Ferocious Minds: Polymathy and the New Enlightenment (2005) and Unleashing the Strange (2009). 

He now lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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