Letter From The Editor - Issue 68 - April 2019

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Issue 50
Cherry Red Rocketship
by James Maxey
Jupiter or Bust
by Brad R. Torgersen
Middle Child Syndrome
by Scott M. Roberts
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Jupiter or Bust
    by Brad R. Torgersen

Jupiter or Bust
Artwork by Nick Greenwood

It was closing in on midnight when Dr. Debra Galton's cell phone rang. The device quietly buzzed, rattling on the surface of the side table near her bed. She groped sleepily with her hand, the tips of her fingers almost knocking the phone to the floor. She snatched the phone up and pulled it to her face, mumbling, "Hello?"

"Doctor Galton?" asked a somewhat cheerful male voice on the other end.

"Yes," she said, trying to stifle a yawn.

"I'm dreadfully sorry to have disturbed you this late, but since you're on the east coast, and working to California time--"

"I've been in New York for three weeks now. I'm adjusted. Who are you and what can I do for you?"

"Doctor," the man's voice said, his tone turning more serious, "one of my employees was kind enough to fish a little spaceship out of the fountain that's in front of the Unified Production Group building."

Debra had felt another yawn building, but she stopped short.

"That would be my little spaceship," she admitted. "I hope nobody's going to charge me with littering."

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