Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Issue 57
Leaders Taste Better
by Stephen Lawson
Good Fairies
by Megan Lee Beals
The Buried Children's Club
by James Edward O'Brien
IGMS Audio
After the Matilda Briggs Went Down
Read by Alethea Kontis
InterGalactic Medicine Show Interviews
Vintage Fiction
The Warm Space
by David Brin

Letter From The Editor - Issue 57 - June 2017

Congratulations to all the Nebula Award winners! You can read about the nominees and final results here:


Stephen Lawson starts us off right this issue with questions of gastronomy, dragons, immortal warriors, and writers. He ponders whether "Leaders Taste Better," and if they do, what are the risks of devouring them?

Gerri Leen writes what may be the only cat story that has ever caught and held my attention. "The Thing in the Basement" is a disturbing creature, and Rivina, a feline of skill, grace, and understanding, is perturbed by its presence. And curious of course. But while Rivina may be blessed with nine lives, her human is not so lucky. . .

Megan Lee Beals's "Good Fairies" are fairies in the vein of those from story and legend: not so much "Good" as "Narcissistic" and "Capricious." The fairy protagonist (fairies don't have names, and especially not names like "Peasblossom") of this tale is not like other fairies: She loves bees. Other fairies only love their rules and their malicious play. Roped into their games, our fairy tempts a human child into her grove and sets him on a quest that will endanger them both.

What if children actually were a commodity and there were socially acceptable manufacturing and vending of kids both precocious and cherubic? That's the idea behind James Edward O'Brien's "The Buried Children's Club." Rich folks get a new hobby as parents, and the rejects are taken away quietly, professionally, and cleanly. Picking up the rejects, that's a job for a guy like Tom Okeke. But like all jobs involving kids or long-haul trucking, things get complicated quickly.

Our audio selection this month is penned by Michael D. Winkle and read by Alethea Kontis. "After the Matilda Briggs Went Down," Sherlock Holmes and John Watson returned to Baker Street to study the curious evidence collected from the sinking ship: giant fleas. What happened next is a . . . big surprise. You'll have to read (or listen) to find out.

Last but not least, our interviewer and reprint editor has a special treat for IGMS subscribers: David Brin, SF novelist, futurist, and prolific essayist pays the Medicine Show a visit. We're also reprinting his tale, "The Warm Space."


Scott M. Roberts
Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

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