Letter From The Editor - Issue 68 - April 2019

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Issue 7
Silent As Dust
by James Maxey
Lost Soul
by Marie Brennan
The Price of Love
by Alan Schoolcraft
The Braiding
by Pat Esden
After This Life
by Janna Silverstein
The Smell of the Earth
by Joan L. Savage
From the Ender Saga
Ender's Homecoming
by Orson Scott Card
Tales for the Young and Unafraid
The Talk
by David Lubar
Split Decision
by David Lubar
A Plague of Butterflies
by Orson Scott Card
InterGalactic Medicine Show Interviews

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-   -   -   -   P   r   e   v   i   e   w   -   -   -   -

The Talk
    by David Lubar
The Talk
Artwork by Lance Card

An assortment of reactions ran through the class when the announcement was made. Behind me, I could hear Kenny Harcourt snickering. On my right, I saw Mary Beth Adderly whisper something to Kara Chen. Kara blushed. On my left Tyler Horvath looked up at the speaker with no expression. Next to him, Eddie Moldour was grinning smugly.

I listened as the announcement was repeated. "All girls please report to the auditorium," Principal Sestwick said.

We knew what that meant. It was time for The Talk. It was no great mystery. They'd get the girls together and explain stuff about puberty and growing up. It was also no big deal -- for guys. We had it simple and easy.

"All boys please report to the gym," Principal Sestwick added.

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