Letter From The Editor - Issue 68 - April 2019

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Issue 19
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Eye for Eye Part Three
by Orson Scott Card
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The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived
    by Keffy R. M. Kehrli

3rd Place - Best Story - 2010

The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived
Artwork by Nick Greenwood

I am Sara's second body.

My first memory is of Sara's resurrection in a room that smelled of cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide.

"That's funny," a man said.

The world felt raw, sore, and new. Under my back, my butt, my fingertips, I could feel every thread in the sheets beneath me. The blanket over my stomach scratched. Padded straps crossed my arms.

"What's funny?" This voice was a woman's.

"Got another error message," the man answered. "Have you ever seen that one before?"

I felt the sheets with Sara's fingers, and the texture conjured memories I didn't have. I should have known where I was and what I was there for, but I couldn't catch hold of the fleeting thoughts. In the dim light of the room I could only see the ceiling.

"Let me see." I heard a frenzied clicking. "It failed twice?"

"Nothing copied the first time, so I started over. It got about halfway through, and then it gave me this."

"Error two-one-five-two. Copy error," the woman said. "I've never seen that before. I've never even seen an error in the middle of a transplant. Did you check the manual?"

"It didn't list this one."

The woman sighed and said, "The only thing I can think of is if we wipe everything out and start over."

Operating tables, and the anesthesiologist's face. Tissue paper examining tables, candles in a church.

"She's conscious, though," the man said. "When the machine aborted, it sent the Copy Completed code. Don't look at me like that! I don't know if I ought to mess around with it anymore, or . . ."

The woman interrupted, "You know we can't do that without contacting the parents. Come on, we might as well go see what the damage is."

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