Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Issue 40
The Golem of Deneb Seven
by Alex Shvartsman
Aubrey Comes to Yellow High
by James van Pelt
Golden Chaos
by M.K. Hutchins
Excerpt from Drift
by M. K. Hutchins
by Nathaniel Lee
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Roundabout by Nathaniel Lee
Read by Emily Rankin
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-   -   -   -   P   r   e   v   i   e   w   -   -   -   -

Golden Chaos
    by M.K. Hutchins

Golden Chaos
Artwork by Anna Repp

Being near Ingrid was the only good thing about living in a God-neglected frozen wasteland. Her face was round as the moon -- a soft, pleasant face that suggested her cooking encouraged second helpings. Her face didn't lie: light rye breads, sweet poached fruit, elk and wild onion stew that made my beard grow. Well, the bit of a beard I had. Ingrid always laughed and teased when she caught me finger-combing the handful of hairs sticking from my face. Her laugh -- that was pure silver. For too long, she'd slaved away under Arbiter Elof's guardianship. The day I signed a contract with Elof and became Ingrid's betrothed was the happiest day of my life.

The next day was the worst.

I clambered down the loft, picking bits of straw from my clothes. Grandma stirred something on the hearth. "Breakfast for you? Your folks are already off preparing the cellars."

"Rob's helping them?" Other than Grandma and me, my family's one-room house was empty.

She smiled fondly. "No. He woke early and asked me some questions about my days in the Confederate Ithena. He left before anyone else woke up. Don't think your folks realize he's not still sleeping in the loft."

I groaned inside. Grandma had traveled with the merchant caravans before she married Grandpa -- she was one of the rare people who'd chosen to live in Ogynan's frozen lands. "Your stories bring out the worst in Rob. I wish you'd stop."

"The worst?" She raised an eyebrow, pulling a trail of wrinkles with it. "He's a curious boy. No harm in that."

"Curious is an understatement," I muttered.

Grandma dropped some wild rye berries into her pot. "And worst seemed like an exaggeration. We're even."

"Where's Rob?" I asked again, already tired.

Grandma shrugged. "Why not leave him alone?"

"Because it'll lead to more quarreling." My parents had spent all of dinner last night chastising Rob for shirking chores, but lecturing Rob was like lecturing a glacier. He never seemed to hear. Then Grandma chided them for being so harsh on him. Everyone went to bed cross.

Well, everyone except Rob. He went to bed oblivious.

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