Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Issue 34
What the Sea Refuses
by Brian Dolton
by Christian K. Martinez
Portraits from the Shadow
by D. Thomas Minton
Three Seconds
by Jonas David
Oyster Beach
by Sophie Wereley
IGMS Audio
InterGalactic Medicine Show Interviews
At the Picture Show: Extended Cut
Blockbuster Viagra
by Chris Bellamy

Letter From The Editor - Issue 34 - July 2013

Welcome to Issue 34 of IGMS.

Our cover story this issue is "What the Sea Refuses" by Brian Dolton. It's a smart, rousing tale of magic and pirate ghosts in ancient China. Brain's story "Box of Beautiful Things" was the first story I ever bought out of the slush when I started editing IGMS back in 2006, and this new story features the same main character, Yi Qin, so I'm pleased to welcome both Brian and Yi back to the pages of our magazine.

In "Foundling," author Christian Martinez brings us a highly stylized sequel to Peter Pan, in which a Lost Boy who was kicked out of NeverLand ends up in our time and has to cope with the aftermath.

D. Thomas Minton's "Portrait from the Shadows" is the moving tale of a young Vietnamese man and an American photographer from the Vietnam War who find common ground in the ghosts they both see. "Portraits" also serves as this issue's audio story, performed by Stuart Jaffe.

"Three Seconds," penned by Jonas David, is a brief look into the lives of three eternal beings who see the universe from very different vantage points, and have decidedly different plans for its future.

And last but far from least, is "Oyster Beach," by Sophie Wereley. A haunting tale of different flavors of love that is seasoned lightly with a nasty mermaid creature, "Oyster Beach" will linger in your mind long after the tide has gone out.

And be sure not to miss Darrel Schweitzer's InterGalactic interview with multi-Hugo nominated hard-SF author Michael Flynn.

We've even added a new feature: from here on out each issue will contain an article by our regular movie-reviewer, Chris Bellamy. Instead of reviewing movies, however, he's going to take an in-depth look at various trends and tendencies in the film industry and provide some analysis. Be sure to check out his inaugural piece, "Blockbuster Viagra."

And one more thing, an added bonus: For a short time we have made all three of the winning stories of this year's annual reader's poll FREE! Tell all your friends, share the joy.

1st place - "The Butcher of Londinium" by J. Deery Wray

2nd place - "Sojourn for Ephah" by Marina Lostetter

3nd place - "Remains of the Witch" by Tony Pi


Edmund R. Schubert
Editor, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

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