Letter From The Editor - Issue 69 - June 2019

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Issue 40
The Golem of Deneb Seven
by Alex Shvartsman
Aubrey Comes to Yellow High
by James van Pelt
Golden Chaos
by M.K. Hutchins
Excerpt from Drift
by M. K. Hutchins
by Nathaniel Lee
IGMS Audio
Roundabout by Nathaniel Lee
Read by Emily Rankin
InterGalactic Medicine Show Interviews

Letter From The Editor - Issue 40 - July 2014

Welcome to Issue 40 of IGMS.

For starters, our cover story this issue is "The Golem of Deneb Seven" by an IGMS regular making his first cover appearance, Alex Shvartzsman. The seventh planet in the Deneb system is being invaded as part of an ongoing war, but bringing the Emet -- the truth -- to the ongoing conflict between Rivkah's father and grandfather is a much longer-running battle.

In James Van Pelt's "Aubrey Comes to Yellow High," the halls of the local high school are transformed, sort of, into the shoot out at The O.K. Corral. But amidst the hail of mystical bullets, Aubrey learns a vital lesson from the unlikeliest of teachers.

Another repeat IGMS author, Megan Hutchins, brings us "Golden Chaos," a tale that follows two brothers on a journey back and forth between chaos and order on their search for justice, freedom, and a way to freeze only half of an elderberry. We're also very proud to present a sampling of Megan's debut novel, Drift.

And speaking of quests, "The Sound of Distant Thunder," penned by Mike Barretta is look at the near-future and one boy's simultaneous journey from Africa to America, and from the Earth to the stars.

Next, Bud Webster brings us "Fantasiestucke," three interlinked micro-tales held together by music and the common thread of the author himself.

Our audio for this issue is "Roundabout," penned by Nathaniel Lee and read by Audie award-winning narrator, Emily Rankin. It is about a living highway and the battle one young woman wages with it to retrieve her lost brother.

Also in this issue, a different kind of InterGalactic Interview, presenting ubertalented musician Jonah Knight, and featuring several of his unique, story-telling songs.


Edmund R. Schubert
Editor, Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show

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